HR Training

Having all your employment policies and documents in place (usually a cupboard or shelf), HR Training is no use if you or your staff have not received the HR training to show  how to implement them. PMHRC Ltd can train you and your staff to handle and implement your business’  Employment procedures correctly and effectively. We can provide instruction in basic disciplinary procedures, the effective use of procedures and “tools” and how to manage your staff. We offer one to one explanation or can run courses for yourself or your line managers. This type of instructional session can be conducted at your premises or elsewhere across Manchester, Yorkshire and NW England, to suit your needs.

Practical HR Training for your business

Paul Murray HR Ltd instructional services include:

  • Down to earth practical advice on how best to use the employment tools available to you.
  • With D32/D33 accreditation we provide easy to absorb training to you or your key staff.
  • ‘Bite sized’ training on the telephone to address specific needs on an ad-hoc basis
  • On site training sessions on a range of employment management topics:
  • Drafting of basic Employment Documents
  • Leave entitlement calculations
  • Employment laws
  • Handling grievances
  • Health and safety matters
  • Discipline and redundancy
  • Drafting of letters in relation to employees
  • Routine employment matters

For more formal training and qualifications see the excellent CIPD site :

 Educational programmes do not have to be a dry formal affair,   sessions delivered with practical examples and some humour, will make all the difference to those attending, and improve their learning and skills.   Better trained line managers and staff lead to a more efficient operation, and generally, a happier workforce. In simple terms less stress because everyone knows their tasks, how to handle it and what to do.   Staff who know their line managers know their stuff,  are better motivated !     Good understanding in the first place,  means less likely to have to deal with problems later !     See more here 

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