Employment Law Advice for Small Business

employment law advice for small business Employment Law Advice for small  business

  • Helpline advice: call us whenever you have a difficult employee problem. We will advise you on the most commercial approach, guide you through meetings and draft letters for you.
  • Disciplinaries and grievances support: We can help you to avoid making costly mistakes by getting one step at a time advice on handling employee issues.
  • Employment contracts, policies and procedures: we can appraise your current documents or prepare new if required . You will need contracts of employment, employee handbooks, disciplinary and grievance procedures.
  • Redundancy Risk reduction: Our advice will help you reduce the risk of finding yourself on the defence of an employment tribunal claim.
  • Holiday pay: Is simply a mathematical formula.  By statute, all employees are entitled to a minimum paid holiday period of 5.6 weeks.  All you need to know is the definition of “week”   for any employee.  ie  An ordinary, full time, 5 day a week worker gets  5 X 5.6 holiday which equals the 28 days pa you will have heard about.  You can include public (bank) holidays within this 28 day tally.

Paul Murray HR provides independent, commercially structured employment law advice for small business. We provide employment law advice for small businesses across Manchester, Yorkshire and the NW England. Based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.  HR Consultant Paul Murray has a “hands on” approach to give down to earth, real world practical advice. We help you manage your relationships with employees and handle employment issues professionally and efficiently. Our HR Consultants can provide the employment law advice for small business you need,  formally or informally. We are happy to have a chat on the ‘phone or meet with you to discuss your employment policies. We can help you manage employee relations. We can work on an ad-hoc basis or, through our HR advice retainer programme, we really can be your ‘Outsourced HR department ‘.   We are available to address your HR and employment questions and needs whenever required. From our base in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, we are ideally located to offer employment law advice for small business  to  clients across Manchester, Yorkshire and the NW England. Paul Murray HR specialties’ include TUPE, TU recognition, Discipline and Grievance handling, Redundancy consultation and all your document requirements see this link to .gov website to further understand your legal obligations    read more  

“Paul’s knowledge of Employment Law is exemplary with TUPE being a particular strength. His innate pragmatic advice is delivered in his inimitable, urbane, legalistic style succinctly and with genuine warmth. I recommend him highly.”    Lance Racey Consulting HR (Yorkshire)

 The information contained in these pages is an HR overview and not intended to be comprehensive legal advice, always seek specific qualified advice before taking any action that could lead to litigation.   Equally, were we have provided links to external web pages, we are not responsible for the content of other sites.

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