Contracts of employment and zero hours contracts

contracts of employment Statement of main terms

Contracts of employment and zero hours contracts  are a “must” however small your business. As a minimum legal requirement you must issue employees with a written ‘statement of particulars’  (often referred to as a contract of employment) containing information about some of the main terms of employment as follows: Don’t misunderstand, contracts of employment and zero hours contracts are still a binding and required document.

Contracts of Employment Key Elements

  • name and employer’s name
  • job title or a brief job description
  • date when your employment began
  • pay rate and when payment is made
  • hours of work  or zero hours contract
  • holiday entitlement
  • location
  • sick pay arrangements
  • notice periods
  • disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • any collective agreements (terms and conditions negotiated with a union)
  • pensions and pension schemes
  • end date for temps and fixed term contracts of employment

Avoid Going Cheap

So, technically, you can meet your legal requirements by putting that down on a bit of paper yourself, or by using a free template you could download from somewhere on the internet. Why oh why though would you take such a risk?

Have something with more details

I have said before, the quality of your contract of employment will pay dividends in the long run.  The more specific the detail, the less likely it is you will have a problem later. Some terms are obvious, like “do not physically attack your colleagues”.  It is the world we live in these days, that your contract should however say, if you do, [attack your colleagues] you will be dismissed .

Minimum Legal Requirement

Just meeting your legal requirements doesn’t get you any of the benefits  well-drafted contracts of employment can bring. You wouldn’y dream of simply buying the cheapest you can find in regard to any of the other needs of your business. Don’t take chances with the most expensive of your resources.        see my deeper page on employment contracts, a really good article,                                                                                                                                                              This Gov. website is a valuable “from the horses mouth” source”   (external link)

   “Paul was a valued and knowledgeable ‘sounding board’ when dealing with some difficult HR issues and with a redundancy selection process where we had to select 30% of the workforce. His advice was pragmatic and honest and enabled me to present a selection process that I could look everyone in the eye with and know that I had done my best. I consider Paul as a learned colleague.”      David Stevenson  Dane Color   Manchester

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